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Here is a chance for me to present the various projects, ambitions, and material that take my time and thoughts in a way that's easy to manage and share.

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Daotive Professional Brands


The Mission: To make sure socially-driven businesses are equipped to understand their communities and create value through data.

Daotive Thinking

The Premise: There are many passionate founders and organizations in fields such as health, education, and the third sector who are driven by a desire to have meaningful impacts on communities.

The Problem: Many aren't confident in how to find, create, or present data to help ethically engages their community and create value.

The Solution: Dedicated data strategy support through sessions and projects to help build their confidence validating, growing, and innovating their business.

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Daotive Learning*

The Premise: As the world gets more advanced and new problems arise, we need to have more students who develop critical thinking and understand how STEM fields are related and relevant o their lives, something STEAM education aims to address.

The Problem: Some students study and complete exams but are not confident in retaining the material or how to position themselves and apply their new skills.

The Solution: Tuition, programmes, and material designed to help students develop true STEAM confidence that prepares them for the future.

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The Mission: To make sure secondary through graduate students are confident how they engage STEAM topics and succeed.

Collaborative Work


Head of Data

Centric Lab


Cog Sci & Data Lead

Citizens with Experience

Advisor/Non-Exec Role

Rare Folks

Publications in Progress

These are the working titles and abstracts of a few publications I'm working on this year:


I also have a podcast and medium publication called Daotive Living as a way of more generally talking about the human experience.


In addition to being a data nerd, I also enjoy engaging in different forms of media. I play a few instruments and, occasionally, make music that I upload to Soundcloud...


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